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Ron Connally Construction, Inc. is recognized as one of Amarillo's finest builders. Founded in 1984, we are dedicated primarily to building custom homes, known for immpecable taste when blending elements of style, product and craftsmenship.  We also work in light commercial and remodeling projects.  

Raised in Amarillo, Ron Connally built his first home in 1984 - his own - and soon after chose this path for his livelihood.  Recognizing that the investment in a new home will most likely be the most significant financial investment a family will make became Ron's foundation for integrity.  Acknowledging that the homebuilding process can be intimidating and sometimes a very emotional experience requires evaluating the clients desires and needs, not just a set of blueprints.  Experience, 30+ years, has given Ron an edge over the competition in understanding the client/builder relationship.  

Ron's committment to the housing industry has been proven by his leadership in serving as not only president of the local chapter, but also as the president of the Texas Association of Builders.  He also serves as a director on the National Association of Homebuilders. 

integrity is the ultimate pathway to success.

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